It started as an idea over dinner and grew to two training centres, three cafes, a zero waste shop, 20 employment partners, and a huge community of supporters. The grey hair has certainly grown too!

Here’s the three achievements we’re most proud of from the last three years:

  1. Watching our graduates gain sustainable employment and seeing the pure happiness that comes from being accepted
  2. Receiving two advocacy awards from SENIA recognising our impact and commitment to the future
  3. Hearing from people whose perceptions have changed after visiting us. You’ve seen what we see. This community is capable.
Thank you! Oh, and while you’re here…

We could not have come this far without our supporters. As our community grows, so does the number of people who understand, accept and embrace difference in society and in the workplace, which is what we are all about. So we want to thank you. And at the risk of being demanding, ask you to do three things (which you may already have done anyway):

  1. Come and spend some time at our coffee shops and get to know our friendly, motivated and determined trainees. And then come back again! If you can’t make it to us, remember you can hire our trainee team to cater at your events.
  2. If you’re an employer, look into hiring our graduates. If you’re not an employer you can still talk to your manager about the possibility of working with our graduates, or having a work away day with us.
  3. If you haven’t already, like us on Facebook and Twitter, follow us on Instagram and sign up to our newsletter. Spread the word about what we are doing and help people who need us find their way to us.

We know how much we can do in the next three years, especially if you join us for the ride.