One of our trainees Anna had moved into part time paid employed before the pandemic but unfortunately had to stop working and attending our centre during this time. During our online learning sessions we asked our trainees to use different mediums to share how they are feeling (video logs, diary entries, Google Meets sessions with our job coaches, art). Anna bravely shared this with us via a diary entry:
“What I have learned at Steps was the independence skills, life skills cooking, baking, barista, customers service skills, art, working on the event, training myself to work outside steps and many things. Now I feel not so good about myself, because now I feel down, weak, struggling with my daily life and not have a confidence with myself because I feel weak, anxiety and not steady. I noticed that when I stay home not going to Steps for many days I feel down and not happy.
“But this is life happiness doesn’t last long forever and sadness doesn’t last long forever it comes and goes. And when I am having a hard time in my life it makes me become a better and wiser person.”

We are so proud of Anna and all of our trainees. Your support will help us to reopen for them when the time is right, so please keep those orders coming, and shout about us to anyone you know who is looking for alternative education for their child. Thank you so much.


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