Vocational Training Centre

We run UK-accredited Vocational Training Centres in Bangkok and Phuket focusing on life-skills, employability and independence for people with learning differences.

How We Work



Before we can start building our life skills and thinking about the future, it is essential that we feel good about ourselves. We ensure all new trainees start with tasks that we know they can achieve, as well as lots of positive reinforcement from teachers and peers!


Individual Plan

We all have individual strengths, areas we need to develop, and dreams, so that means everyone’s pathway will be slightly different. Our programme is designed to be flexible so that we can best support our trainees. Everyone receives UK accredited qualifications.


Employment Opportunities

For our over 18’s, we have a range of on the job training opportunities, work placements, internships, and skills building to best prepare our trainees for the future. We believe in trying a range of different employment pathways first, before making a big decision. We have a wide range of internships including office work, web design, veterinary, coffee shops, cafes, restaurants and hotels.

Work Areas

Not all our trainees want to work in the same area but everyone will experience each of the areas below as they as designed to build transferable skills, such as following instructions, being on time, and problem solving.

Hospitality and Catering
Everything from customer service, barista, kitchen assistant, stock taking, and life skills cooking to patisserie training.
Office skills such as laminating, copy and scanning, data entry, stock taking, answering
the phone and messenger
Art, yoga, sensory breaks, mentor check ins and team building sessions help keep our trainees feeling good.
Functional IT skills such as using Office, Google products, learning how to code, build websites, create databases, write blogs and build apps
Training Programme
We have two main programmes which cover every trainee’s needs.

Vocational Training

Our UK accredited vocational training looks different for everyone but in general it is comprised of functional skills such as numeracy and literacy, hands on work opportunities, holistic learning, exposure to real work situations, life skills, independence skills, and where needed, support from speech therapy, occupational therapy, and counselling.

Download a sample timetable to see what one learners day could look like. Remember, everyone is different.

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