Useful resources

There’s a lot to learn about autism, Down’s and other forms of neurodivergence. Here we share resources to increase your understanding, and inspire actions you could take to help neurodivergent people feel included.
“If you have a friend with autism just accept your friend’s differences and respect strengths the way you would with any friend.”  
– Tin Tin, Steps graduate.

Knowledge is power

We hope the resources below can help give a greater understanding of neurodiversity and how to adapt to the needs of those living with it.

Neurodiversity at work

This comprehensive PDF guide by the UK-based Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development covers all aspects of hiring neurodiverse candidates.

Organisations (Thailand based)

Organisations (international)

Special Education and Inclusion Association (SENIA) for parents and educators.

A note on language

Language has immense power, and over time it changes. Terms which were once acceptable can become hurtful labels. This can differ across geographical and cultural boundaries. We always try to listen to what our trainees are telling us about language, and change the way we speak accordingly.

It is possible some of the resources we’re sharing here don’t meet those standards. We have decided to share them anyway as they could still be useful.

This doesn’t mean we endorse all of the language they use. But on balance we think it’s better to have conversations about this than pretend these issues don’t exist.

Here’s an article we wrote about labels which unpacks this issue.

Understanding autism

Tin Tin, a Steps graduate, made this video to describe life with autism and the discrimination some neurodiverse people face.

Stories from Steps

Finn has autism. Read more about his experiences, and how understanding his needs and offering him opportunities changed his life.

BTEC student learning barista at Steps Phuket

Education at Steps

Our vocational centres offer UK-accredited training in a friendly environment for young people aged 12 and up. Read more about our education programmes.

Our trainees

Read more about our incredible young trainees and graduates, many of whom have benefited both socially and vocationally from training with Steps. 

El Mercado: A case study

Read about how one Bangkok workplace adapted to hire neurodiverse graduates from Steps, and how the graduates settled in.