Therapy services

Steps Therapy Services offers assessments, recommendations and school-based therapy support for children and young adults. Our team of professional therapists is here to help support your child in all areas of their development in a relaxed and friendly way.

NIST is in the second year of partnering with Steps to provide Occupational Therapy. This year, we also added Physical Therapy. The qualifications, experience, and level of collaboration and interpersonal skills that each therapist brings to our team-based approach at NIST is excellent. Our students are benefiting enormously from this support.

Trish, Learning Support Team Leader, NIST International School, Bangkok.

What do we offer?


Our services include:

Read about the different therapy types in more detail below. We offer a range of assessments depending on your child’s needs and include a comprehensive report with home and school recommendations. Individualised therapy programmes for school and/or home are also available upon request.

Much of our work focuses on outreach services within schools. We currently work with UWC, BISP, HeadStart, NIST, ELC and St Andrews 107.

If you are interested in connecting us with your school, or if you would like to know more about how we can help support you and your child, contact Hayley, our speech therapist, at

Speech and Language Therapy

Everyday tasks such as asking questions, making friends, expressing our needs, having fun, and learning at school all rely on our ability to communicate. Speech and Language Therapy can help support any aspect of speech, language and/or communication development.

This might include support for those who:

  • Struggle to say certain sounds or make themselves understood
  • Are taking longer than expected to learn to talk
  • Have a limited vocabulary, struggle to form sentences, or get their words and sentences muddled up
  • Find it difficult to understand what others are saying
  • Struggle to communicate socially with others
  • Stammer.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists will help your child increase participation and/or engagement in activities of daily living, for example learning, play and self care.

The support we offer includes 1:1 therapy, collaboration with and training for educators and families, and assessments of physical spaces to help make their environment more accessible.

Things our OTs may provide 1:1 support with include :

  • Handwriting and fine motor skills (e.g. buttoning, tying shoe laces, playing – with lego etc.)
  • Gross motor skills (e.g. running, jumping, climbing, skipping etc.)
  • Learning and attention
  • Organization and planning
  • Visual perception/visual motor skills (e.g. required to do a puzzle, write on a line, catch a ball etc.)

Our consultative services may cover:

  • Working collaboratively with educators and families providing practical recommendations to support children in the classroom and at home
  • Helping families and educators implement “sensory diets” when indicated.
  • Detailed assessments of environments (e.g. schools, classrooms, play spaces, sensory rooms, cafes/restaurants, offices), considering lighting, wall hangings, separation of spaces, furniture etc. with practical recommendations for improving accessibility for all.



Physiotherapy helps children and young people who have difficulty with movement. It focuses on short and long-term conditions which impact physical development, activity and a child’s ability to participate in play, learning and socialising.

Play Therapy

Play Therapy helps children express or communicate their feelings. Children learn to express themselves in healthier ways, become more respectful and empathetic, and discover new, more positive ways to solve problems.

School and parent training

Steps Therapy Services also offers a range of tailored training packages for schools and parents to help support children’s social and academic development. More information on our training packages can be found here.

Our Team of Professional Therapists

Hayley Thomas – Speech and Language Therapist
Hayley’s qualifications: MA SEN (Autism), BSc (Hons) Speech and Language Therapy, PGCE Special Educational Needs Coordination, Certified Elklan Tutor, Advanced Makaton (key word sign) specialist
Hayley says: “I love finding fun and creative ways to deliver therapy, but the best part of my job is seeing a child’s confidence grow as their communication skills develop.”
Dipika Ratnaphat Mangal – Occupational Therapist

Dipika’s qualifications: BSc/MA in Occupational Therapy

Dipika says:“I get to help people do or get back to doing what is meaningful to them and their families. That inspires me everyday. These days, I’m mostly working with young children and I get to disguise learning and development with play, sensory experiences and motivating activities. When children are engaged and having fun, they push and challenge themselves without even thinking about it!”

Oom Chutikul – Play Therapist and Filial Coach
Oom’s qualifications: MA Play Therapy, Filial Coaching, Early Intervention Specialist.
Oom says:“I love the magic that happens when trust is formed: the client engages through play with full acceptance for who they are. Watching them continue to grow and achieve their full potential is the reason I came into this field.”
Stacey Patterson

Occupational Therapist

BSc in Occupational Therapy; MSc. Human Rehabilitation Studies

“My passion for inclusion is what drives my practice. I truly believe that by applying universal design & access principles across all contexts of home, work, school, and the community we all will have an improved quality of life and opportunity to participate in our daily activities, our interests, and our dreams.

“I joined the Steps community because of their mission of creating opportunities for their trainees to uncover their value and see their potential in the world as well as promoting and advocating for inclusive practices in work, school, and community spaces. Their model is one that I resonate with.”

Julia Low

Physical Therapist

BSc Biology
Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)

“I love that Physical Therapy can help bridge families and children with the skills and knowledge to be confident and capable in their everyday life.”

Read more about us

Alongside our therapy centre we run a vocational training centre for people with disabilities and a busy cafe for our trainees to gain skills. Read more about who we are and what we do.

School training

The Steps Therapy Centre offers a range of tailored training packages for schools and parents to help support children’s social and academic development. Read more about our training packages.