Support Us

Steps is very much a community project, we welcome companies to contact us regarding CSR and collaboration opportunities.

How can you support us

As a social enterprise, we need community support to not only help us financially, but to help us work towards our vision and mission of an inclusive society.

CSR gives us the opportunity to grow and create more employment pathways for our trainees. Every time we open a new coffee shop branch, it promotes training and employment for people with disabilities, in addition to helping to create more awareness in society.
Do you or your company/school have a project you would like to work on with us? Get in touch! In the past we have opened healthy coffee/snack shops inside international schools, created awareness campaigns, hosted art auctions and supported CAS students.
Inclusive Company
Would you like to learn more about being an inclusive company? Hiring people with disabilities offers huge benefits to any company. Not only does it make your company more diverse, and therefore attract like-minded people, you will bring someone to your team with a new skill set.
A great way to support our trainees is to organise an event with us. We have rooms to rent for workshops, coffee mornings and meetings, we offer healthy living education sessions for schools where our trainees teach students how to make healthy snacks and drinks, and we do catering and birthday cakes!

What Our Trainees Say

“I like to come to Steps because I love to work with my friends. I learned how to come to work by myself. It is very Excited from the beginning to be on the motorbike. But I enjoyed it.” Finn (age 15)
“I studied home school before I come to Steps. I found Baking in my passion. I like to bake and share desserts with my friends. My friends love the cornflakes crunch that I baked. I taught them how to make it at Theera’s shop. My dream is I want to become a famous chef because I would like to open my restaurant and sell desserts.” Anna (age 25)
“I came to Steps because I like to make drinks and different kinds of coffee and meet my old friends and new friend and in the future I would like to be a Football (soccer) Player , Barista or a Chef.” Akhil (age 19)
“My motto is “To keep calm and be focused”. I like to come to Steps because it is a best place to do work training and working with trainees. I loved to help others. My dream job is computer programmer.” Nicky (age 21)
“At Steps I like cooking and baking. My friend at Steps are Finn, Isabel, Anna, Nicky, Max, P’On. I like P’Tarn, chocolate and dog and Disney movie. In the future I want to work in the kitchen.” Nakita (age 16)