Our zero waste shops

We run zero waste shops in Phuket and Bangkok which provide work experience for our trainees. Stock up on our eco-friendly cosmetics, cleaning products and groceries, reduce your plastic use and promote equal employment opportunities at the same time - it’s a win win!

Yes, Steps Zero Waste is a place to buy plastic-free, refill and sustainable products. But we also provide a safe space for our neurodivergent trainees to learn new skills – communication with customers, money handling and how to run a store. They also try out practical skills: making paper, candles, soaps and vinyl bags from recycled or upcycled materials. It is so much more than just a shop. It is a place for critical thinking, learning and development, where you can see how supported and inclusive employment is changing lives for the better.

– Stacey Patterson, Head of Steps Phuket

Helping Bangkok and Phuket go plastic free


We run one zero waste shop which is open to the public, at Blue Tree Water Park in Phuket. Bring your own containers and stock up on home and body care products from brands like Hug Organic, Conscious Living Thailand and Soapberry Thailand. You can also buy soap bars handmade by our trainees and items to help you go plastic-free, like reusable straws and cups. We always try to stock vegan, organic products which only use sustainable palm oil.

If you can’t get to us, look out for our stalls at events around the island – keep updated on where we’ll be by liking our Facebook page. You can also drop us a message at zerowaste@stepscommunity.com to place an order.


Our Bangkok zero waste shop is onsite at St Andrews International School, and is open to staff, students and other visitors.


The Steps model

It’s not just the environment which benefits when you shop at our zero waste shops. They’re part of our wider model which helps young neurodivergent people (such as those with autism) to access education and employment. We run training centres aimed at those who may need alternative education and struggle to get into work. Alongside them, we run businesses such as our zero waste shops and cafes where our trainees can build the confidence, skills and work experience which will help them get long-term, meaningful employment.

So, when you shop in our zero waste shops or market stalls you’re funding life-changing training, and helping to build a society which is inclusive to everyone.

quote iconMy experience while working at the Zero Waste Shop and at the markets was a great experience and something I will never forget. I had so much fun that I learnt new skills on how to communicate, work with people, work independently, how to be sustainable and make sustainable products. I have pride in everything I did and made. I would definitely recommend joining Steps. As this is a perfect way to grow your confidence and to have fun.

– Jordan Pettit, Steps trainee

Our zero waste shops

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Steps zero waste Phuket

Blue Tree Phuket
4/2 Srisoonthorn
Srisoonthorn Rd
A. Thalang

+66 (0) 2-381-1459
St Andrews International School, Coffee Shop, Healthy, Steps With Theera

Steps zero waste Bangkok (St Andrews staff and students only)

9 Pridi Banomyong 20/1
Sukhumvit 71
Bangkok 10110

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