Steps to Work

Learn how our Steps to Work programme can support your school or business to create inclusive employment pathways.

The team at Steps should be extremely proud of what they have achieved raising vital awareness of SEND. I am thrilled to be able to spotlight their hard work and inclusive best practice that is benefiting not only the individuals they support to access education and employment opportunities but also the wider international education and SEND sector.

Annamarie Hassall MBE, Chief Executive of National Association for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (nasen) 

Steps to Work Toolkit

Our Toolkit is designed to give you a comprehensive guide to creating inclusive pathways to employment in either a school or business setting. The guide draws on our expertise and experience of running inclusive businesses whilst empowering you to replicate our learnings in a way that makes sense for you. 

The toolkit includes a range of helpful resources such as how to guides, visual supports, assessment and tracking tools, and case studies of successful employment journeys.

Steps to Work Toolkit with Implementation

If you feel our team of specialists could help you to implement the toolkit, we offer that as a package with a number of agreed consultation hours depending on the organisaiton/school size and scope of project. Most of our partners prefer this option and then seek to become a Steps Partner Centre further down the line.

Steps Partner Centre

For select schools and employers, there is the opportunity to become an accredited Steps Partner Centre.

This enables you to benefit from:

– on-site implementation consulting

– ongoing monthly effectiveness consulting

– accredited job coach training for your teams

– be part of our global inclusion movement

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Our Business Service Centre

Looking to outsource some services and be inclusive at the same time? Welcome! Steps has a team of dedicated, passionate young trainees keen to help your business and gain work experience. This service is available globally.

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Global Services

Whether you are coming from the business, education, or social enterprise sector, it is clear that being a disability inclusive employer is how to take your organisation to the next level. At Steps, we want to help your organisation be at the forefront of disability inclusive practices and help you every step of the way.