By Hayley Thomas, Head of Steps Therapy Centre

Here at Steps we want the best for our trainees. That means being the best team we can be. We’ve been working hard on developing our communication skills for the past few months, and we are proud to announce we’re the first team in Bangkok to complete the UK-accredited Elklan Speech and Language Support for Pupils with learning difficulties (external link, opens in new tab).

As the Speech and Language Therapist at Steps I’ve been leading the team and helping them to explore new approaches and strategies to help maximise the speech, language and communication potential of young adults with learning differences. It’s been really inspiring to see everyone getting involved – even our brand new Head of Centre in Phuket who joined the training every week via video link.
Our job coaches and therapy staff support Steps trainees everyday to develop their communication and interaction skills as well as promoting positive self-esteem, transferable skills, and independence. This professional development has helped build on these existing skills and deepened their understanding of the processes involved in successful communication and interaction. 
So we’re giving a big round of applause to ourselves, and we hope you’ll join us!
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