We’re thrilled to announce Steps was one of 91 companies recognized by The American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand (AMCHAM) at the 2022 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Excellence Awards

We collected our award on November 22 2022 at a special awards ceremony presided over by AMCHAM President Jeff Nygaard and the US Ambassador Robert F Godec. Companies were recognized for demonstrating commitment to conducting business responsibly and giving back to local communities. To qualify they had to demonstrate CSR programs with measurable results that create both economic and social gains for a year or more, high levels of employee involvement, and strong strategic partnerships with Thai organizations. 

“We thank AMCHAM for recognizing Steps’ commitment to social change for young neurodivergent people. We couldn’t achieve the transformation we have done without our partners in the community – from inclusive businesses to schools and donors – this award is for you too.”  

AMCHAM President Jeff Nygaard, Executive Vice President of Operations & Technology of Seagate Technology, said: “CSR activities strengthen stakeholder engagement and support, whether they are shareholders, business partners, customers, employees, governments, or the broader community. Our best path for success is when community and industry work together. It’s appropriate we come together today, on the eve of Thanksgiving, to celebrate the CSR Excellence Awards and all the good work members are doing to help the broader community here in Thailand.”

Read more about the awards here [AMCHAM Thailand Announces Winners for CSR Excellence Awards 2022 – AMCHAM Thailand]

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