At Steps, living by our core values isn’t just a catchphrase; it’s embedded in our ethos. Yet, how do we ensure that we’re not only upholding these values, but also being held accountable for them? The answer became clear when we came across B Corp certification. In January 2022, we embarked on a meticulous journey towards achieving this certification. Today, we are elated to announce that we have successfully completed the process and are officially B Corp certified!





 Inclusive recruitment training

Over the course of our journey, Steps has championed the cause of neurodivergent individuals in our region, significantly influencing their lives and the wider community. Achieving B Corp Certification is a testament to our commitment and verifies that we meet the rigorous standards set by B Lab for social and environmental impact.


Our core mission revolves around enabling employers and educators to recognise and harness the immense potential of neurodivergent individuals – be it as students, employees, consumers, or invaluable members of their community. Together, our collective efforts can pave the way for a more inclusive world.



Steps trainee working at the Business Service Centre

By becoming a Certified B Corporation™, Steps proudly becomes a part of a global collective of businesses, all of which are staunchly dedicated to upholding high benchmarks for societal and environmental impact. Our pledge remains unchanged: to sculpt an inclusive realm where neurodivergent individuals are acknowledged, cherished, esteemed, and empowered.

Embarking on the road to certification, as expected, required significant time and resources, posing challenges, especially for an enterprise of our scale. Yet, the dedication and passion of our team ensured we never lost sight of our objective. This journey not only offered us invaluable insights into our tangible impact but also underscored the importance of our workforce, governance, eco-friendly practices, community engagement, and overarching societal responsibility.

This certification is more than just a badge; it symbolises a monumental milestone for Steps. We’re honoured to stand shoulder to shoulder with our fellow B Corp community members. Furthermore, we take immense pride in being the pioneering B Corp in Thailand with a focus on neuro-inclusion.



Steps trainee working at the Business Service Centre