We know the feeling. You’re planning an event. You look at your to-do list. It stares right back at you with a judg-y face on.

Since we dig all our supporters and always welcome more of them, we wanted to share a resource we made to help you turn those tasks into something magical. Whether you’re planning a personal event and need catering and/or a venue, or it’s a business meeting or away day, our leaflet Ways to be part of Steps Community (PDF, 1.7MB) should be on your reading list.

Catering, staff away days and venue hire in Bangkok

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Bespoke cake by Steps.

Steps can:

  • Run a food and drink stand at your event
  • Run trainee-led workshops (eg making energy balls) for staff away-days
  • Provide a venue for events, exhibitions or meetings (business or personal)
  • Cater at business or personal events
  • Provide cupcakes for business or personal events.

Event at Steps coffee shop in Ekkamai.

Events and catering opportunities give our trainees the chance to try out practical and social skills. They also help spread the word about what we are doing and bring together diverse groups of people to help educate and inspire hearts and minds – which is what we are all about.

Don’t you love it when you can turn something simple on your to-do list into an opportunity to make a big difference?

Download Ways to be part of Steps Community (PDF, 1.7MB) and get in touch. We are excited to connect with you.