We are proud to showcase how Steps and the entire B Corp community are driving change worldwide. From creating inclusive workspaces to advancing sustainability, we’re committed to making a difference. 

As the first B Corp in Thailand focusing on neuroinclusion, we understand the importance of progress and the power of collective action. Our mission echoes our dedication to ensure our impact reaches across our key pillars to all of our stakeholders in strategic, sustainable and measurable ways. 

Receiving our B Corp certification was a long-term aspiration that now empowers us to connect with like-minded businesses globally, fostering collaboration and shared values. It is also an important milestone for our growing team of specialists and advocates, whose commitment to Steps’ mission allows us to embody the inclusive practices we seek to inspire in other organisations.’ — Max Simpson, CEO and Founder. 

 Whether you’re a fellow B Corp, a business considering certification, or an individual passionate about positive change, your voice matters. Follow us throughout B Corp Month as we share insights from our journey, highlight impactful projects, and amplify the voices of our community.  

Join us this B Corp Month and be part of the change you wish to see in the world. Let’s pave the way for a more inclusive, sustainable, and equitable world. For more info about this global #BCorpMonth movement, please visit www.bcorpmonth.com.

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