Here comes April, Autism Awareness month, following on from World Down’s Syndrome day. We want to shine a spotlight on people with Autism, or who dedicate their time to creating an inclusive society. We’re kicking off with this event with Anna – Read her story below. 

We have posted profiles like Anna’s on our website as well as on our social media, find them here, Parn, Kim and Nakita. And please don’t forget to make a #stepupwithsteps pledge to help create a society that is more inclusive world. read more about our #stepupwithsteps campaign here. Now it’s show time!

Anna is 28 years old. She loves baking, singing and drawing. Anna was a trainee at Steps for 2 years before she started a work internship at a bakery shop. She also has her own bakery brand called ‘It’s me Anna’. That’s right, baking is her passion.

Apart from baking skills, at Steps she learns about life skills, social skills, and work skills. She always guides her peers in a positive and supportive way and is becoming a great peer mentor. 

“At Steps, everyone accepts each other’s differences and treats each other with respect. Sometimes I help my friends understand that some of us may have different characteristics and that we should look at the positive sides and see what they can do.”

“I wish the school I went to when I was young knew how to support people who are different. So my friends had more awareness about Autism and understood me more.”

Steps mission also reminds Anna of what her dad told her and she truly believes that everyone can include and be part of the society:

“I like the concept of inclusion because I believe that people with learning differences can be included in the society. It reminds me of what my dad told me that it doesn’t matter what you were born with, we all can live and laugh together.”

“At Steps, I feel like myself. I feel like people here accept me for who I am. I can adjust my environment so I don’t get interrupted when working, such as room temperature or noise”

These very small accommodations such as changing the room temperature enable Anna to work to her fullest potential which is so important as she’s eager to demonstrate her abilities.

“I want to show that I can work like other people. I can bake and I can sell my products and people like my products. My life goals are to be a good baker, be happy and be proud of myself. And I want other people to see that.”

Please join us in making an impact by making a #stepupwithsteps pledge and share our blog on your social media account or come find us at every branch here! This can be big or small – every action counts!

Keep your eyes peeled for more stories from other trainees, specialists, and advocates!


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