Here comes the second profile in our spotlight series for Autism Awareness month. You may have seen Anna last week, if not Read her story here. As you know this month is a great time to hand the mic to those who are either living with Down’s and autism, or who dedicate their time to creating an inclusive society. Now we move our spotlight and go straight to Earth. Read his story below.

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Earth is ambitious and passionate, he sets an example for us all to follow!


“Hi, my name is Earth, I am 18 years old. I went to two Thai government schools, a mainstream school for four years and a special needs school for one year.”

Before he came to do training at Steps. Earth had to face challenges in class and people around him who didn’t understand him. 

“I can still remember the feeling of being under pressure before going to school every morning. Not only did I struggle academically but also with friends and teachers. I feel like they don’t understand me and the teachers just gave me orders.”

His ambition is to be a chef and to stand on his own feet. 

“I want to be a chef, I want to cook. I want to be able to cook for myself and my family. I feel good if I can take care of myself. Now I can go out to buy things, use money, exercise and help with housework. I also want to earn a salary and pay for things that I need.”

Steps is a place where everyone is accepted.


For Earth, Steps was a new experience he had never felt before. Both learning and practicing various skills enabled him to develop himself. 

“I’ve been training with Steps for nine months and just started working at Steps’ events. I feel excited going to work. There are many people that I will see and serve. When people thank me, I just nod, but I feel happy. I never get a chance to do things like this and to meet so many people before. I didn’t even know who to talk to each day.”

“Steps is different from my old schools because there are many activities to do and things to learn. Everyone talks to each other openly.”

Despite the challenges Earth faced at his old schools, he has something to share:

“I want to tell my friends at my old school that finding a place that accepts you and having friends that you feel like you can talk to anytime are really important. They fulfil your day.”

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Next one is the last profile that we are going to present. Please keep your eyes peeled for the final episode!

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