In 2016 Thailand saw its first ever vocational centre for neurodivergent people open its doors. Seven years later, Steps has transformed into an inclusion powerhouse running multiple inclusive business models, a second vocational centre at a major Bangkok international school, a business consultancy service and an innovation and research centre for inclusion in the workplace. Phew!
Let’s take a journey through time and explore seven big milestones which have shaped Steps into what it is today:

What’s next for Steps? Exciting announcements are coming about a major new stockist for our bakery products, showing how far businesses have come in considering inclusion in their supply chains. This is thanks to the awareness raising of Steps and all our supporters – thank you for being with us, every step of the way.

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Our business partners

Steps is working with 14 business partners to help create a broad range of opportunities for our graduates.

Our trainees

We are lucky enough to work with a big group of talented, determined and enthusiastic trainees.

Our Vocational centres

Our vocational centres offer UK-accredited training in a friendly environment. Read more about them.