Psychology services

When you’re told that your child needs to see a psychologist or undertake a psychological assessment you may feel anxious and uncertain. We know it is overwhelming. Getting help early for children and adolescents can make a meaningful difference in their quality of life, their learning, and their development. At Steps we will guide and support you through the process. As well as offering formal assessments for yourself or a family member, we can give training to extend your knowledge either as a parent or professional. We believe in inclusion and that the value of diversity is only just starting to be discovered.

My passion is working with children and their families, positively impacting their lives and helping them to manage difficulties. 

Aga M. Dorochowicz, Clinical Psychologist, Steps.

What do we offer?


Types of assessment we offer include:

  • Psycho-educational
  • Psycho-developmental
  • Exam access assessments
  • Dyslexia assessments

Our assessments focus on individual strengths, while also documenting the child’s less well-developed competencies. We know assessments can be a requirement for school admissions as well as being one way to understand where our child or family member is currently working. We will look at each person as a whole, building support and interventions based on their strengths as much as their areas for development.


Whether you are looking to better understand your child’s development or want to upskill your teams as a school or organisation, we have a wide range of training opportunities both face to face and online. If you don’t see the service you are looking for, please get in touch to discuss customised training needs.

School Services

The best outcomes are achieved when we collaborate with a young person’s school and family, as we all demonstrate different skills and areas for development in different settings.

Our preference is to come into school to do observations and assessments – there is no minimum number of learners required for us to come to you.

We also provide training packages for schools, support for your admissions department, and a range of mental health care options.

How can we help you?

I am looking for:

  • A private assessment or consultation – Click to download our pricing information.
  • Group Training – Click here to download our guide to group training (coming soon)
  • Services for my school – Click here to download our guide to school services (coming soon).

Our psychological assessments in depth

Formal observations/screening report

The main purpose of this is to determine whether a child needs further assessment and is especially helpful for parents/teachers who are not quite sure if a full psychological assessment is needed.


  • 1 hour observation in school or at home
  • 1 hour consultation with teachers with verbal feedback and advice
  • 1 hour consultation with parents with verbal feedback and advice
  • Summary report is emailed to both school and parents.

Exam access assessment

An Exam Access Assessment Report includes individual work with the child or young person (2 hours) in their home or school completing a specific range of assessment measures. The main purpose of this is to gather data to present to examination boards for exam access arrangements.


  • 2 hour assessment one to one with the learner
  • Report emailed to parents 
  • Clear recommendations for exam access arrangements 

Psycho-Developmental Assessment

If you suspect that your child may be struggling in their development, you may want to talk to a psychologist. This assessment evaluates a child’s development and explores the social, emotional, communication, adaptive functioning and behavioural development from a psychological perspective. When necessary, this assessment is conducted in collaboration with professionals from other disciplines, including speech and occupational therapists.


Psycho-Educational Assessment

This assessment is used to provide an understanding of learning (including intellectual ability) and is often recommended when concerns arise regarding an individual’s learning. It provides evaluation of an individual’s cognitive abilities, academic skills and behaviours to determine their areas of strengths and challenges. Such assessments can identify if an individual has a learning difficulty, is gifted, and can pinpoint the areas that require special attention.

Our psychologists

Aga M. Dorochowicz – Clinical Psychologist

Aga’s qualifications: MSc Psychology (Clinical Psychology), BA German with teaching qualifications, ABA Special Needs Therapist (currently working towards).

Aga says: My passion is working with children and their families, positively impacting their lives and helping them to manage difficulties. I understand the impact of differences such as age, gender and culture on psychological wellbeing or behaviour. I recognize the requirement to adapt practice to meet the needs of different groups and individuals. I’ve gathered professional experience in several important mental health institutions (including inpatient and outpatient Child Psychiatry Departments), international schools and foundations for children with developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorders.

Our education offering

We offer a number of vocational training programmes to neurodivergent young people aged 11 and up, helping them to develop life skills and independence. Read more about what we offer.

School training

The Steps Therapy Centre offers a range of tailored training packages for schools and parents to help support children’s social and academic development. Read more about our training packages.

Therapy Centre

Our therapy centre provides assessments, recommendations and school-based therapy support for children and young adults, as well as training for schools. Read more about what we offer.