Image description: wording of 'celebrating pride month' in rainbow colour.
Photo: Celebrating inclusive pride month

As June approaches, it’s a great opportunity to spread love and acceptance in our communities! Celebrating Pride Month goes beyond waving rainbow flags or using a rainbow hashtags on social media contents,

  • it is about accepting diversity, 
  • it is about standing up for equality, 
  • it is about embracing the inclusion,
  • it is about celebrating the beautiful spectrum of all human identities. 

To ensure everyone feels included and respected, corporate Pride Month celebrations should embrace all employees, regardless of whether they openly discuss their gender identity or keep it private. While some may actively participate in Pride-themed events, others may choose not to, and that’s perfectly fine. 

  1. Show your support for allyship: Let your LGBTQIA+ friends know they’re seen, heard, and loved. Encourage everyone to support an inclusive community in ways that feel genuine to them, like wearing Pride symbols or advocating for inclusive policies.
  2. Support their businesses: Give a shoutout to your favourite LGBTQIA+ owned businesses or those who support the community and buy from them, because every purchase makes a difference.
  3. Create safe spaces: If you are an employer or business owner who advocate inclusive community, let your customers and employees know that your business is a safe space where they can be their true self. Furthermore, do not forget to include embracing concepts of disability inclusion by providing accessibility options and accommodations in accessible formats.
  4. Be mindful of inclusive events: When planning pride celebration events, follow inclusive guidelines to ensure everyone can participate fully. This means considering factors like venue accessibility, inclusive language, diverse representation in speakers and performers, and providing quiet spaces for individuals who may need a break from sensory stimulation.
  5. Provide Options: Offer a range of activities during Pride Month to suit different interests and comfort levels. This might include workshops, community projects, or social gatherings.
  6. Respect Privacy: Be mindful of people’s privacy regarding their gender identity. Avoid assuming or pressuring anyone to share personal interests and reveal identity.
  7. Intersectionality Matters: Recognise that identities intersect and influence each other. LGBTQIA+ individuals come from diverse backgrounds and may face multiple forms of discrimination. Also, embrace intersectionality by amplifying the voices of LGBTQIA+ people of colour, LGBTQIA+ individuals who identified as disabled, transgender and non-binary folks, and other marginalised groups within the community.
  8. Use inclusive language: Words are powerful! Be mindful to use the words that embrace all identities. It’s not just about what you say; it’s about who you include. For example:
    1. Instead of saying ‘ladies and gentlemen,’ try ‘everyone’ or ‘folks.’
    2. Use ‘partner’ instead of assuming someone’s relationship status based on gender.
    3. Use gender-neutral pronouns such as ‘they/them’ if you are unsure of someone’s gender identity. Or just mention by their ‘first name’ only.
  9. Say No to Rainbow Washing: Lastly, let’s keep it authentic. Pride isn’t a marketing stunt; it’s a movement for meaningful change!
  1. Intersectional Panels: Host discussions featuring LGBTQIA+ individuals from diverse backgrounds, showcasing the range of identities within the community.
  2. Inclusive Training Workshops: Offer sessions on pronouns, LGBTQIA+ history, and creating inclusive spaces, with resources to help employees learn.
  3. Allyship Campaigns: Launch initiatives to educate and involve employees in supporting the LGBTQIA+ community, providing guides and materials for meaningful allyship.
  4. Volunteer Opportunities: Arrange chances for employees to volunteer with LGBTQIA+ organisations, fostering connections and supporting important causes.

If you can not join the Pride Month in person? No problem! Celebrate Pride Month right from your desktop with a click! Here is an animation created by Google, you may click this link:

Happy Pride Month to you all!