Trainee stories: Tin Tin

“Steps provided me with work so I can find the job and get money and taking care of myself." - Tin Tin, Steps graduate.

Introducing Tin Tin

Tin Tin, 20, was born and raised in Thailand. He has autism and this affects his social skills. After his training at Steps, Tin Tin, a keen gamer, found work at a board game cafe.

Tin Tin’s story

I don’t like go to school that well because I get bullied and i don’t understand social. Basically I’m introverted sometimes.

Steps provided me with work so I can find the job and get money and taking care of myself.

“I feel like I’m a guy who… finally knows what life is.”

Now I feel like I’m a man, I’m a new person, I’m not like the guy who’s sitting in the corner and playing games all day. I feel like I’m a guy who gets out from the room and finally knows what life is.

On Monday I will go work at more than a game cafe, with a board game with tons and tons and tons of board games with original game like monopoly, zombies, uno and many more. I basically serve, telling what game and which game they’re looking for and usually make some coffee. I love it, it’s like a dream come true. I’m into video games and board games like I’m into every single game to be honest. I feel like I achieved something.

Without a job i’m worried like I’ll have no house, just a guy walking along the streets. I don’t wanna be like that. I wish I can find jobs to take care of myself. I wish I can pay for my mom and for my dad, for my family. I just have a ton of worries so that’s kinda why I started doing youtube, figuring out how to make money before you know, I don’t have any job.

“At the end of the day I feel good to myself that I actually get to find a job.”

I don’t like to be alone but when I’m being alone I usually do nothing and I’m just staying in my room playing video games, talking socially, just eat and do the exact same thing over and over and over again until I finally get out of my room or do something but usually I stay in my room and do this over and over again.

At More than a Game there is a lot of people coming in. I feel like I’m actually the kinda guy who, you know, who is taking care of the customer. it feels good to experience it, but in the same time it’s tiring! At the end of the day I feel good to myself that I actually get to find a job.

When I got my salary I feel like wow! My first job, my first salary!! Let me try, let me just do it! I love it I just wanna do it and feel like dream come true.

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