IHG and Steps partnership

In this life-changing partnership, IHG hotels are stocking snacks from the Steps bakery, providing work to those may not otherwise be able to access it. IHG is also building on its culture of belonging through an innovative project to hire more staff with disabilities and make their workplaces more accessible.

Breaking the mould: IHG leads the way on inclusion

 IHG Hotels & Resorts is involved in an important partnership project with Steps to help ensure more people with disabilities have access to work. As part of this project:

  • IHG is stocking snacks made by Steps. Steps runs social businesses, including bakeries, which provide training and employment to people who are neurodivergent (they may have autism, for example). By ordering snacks from us, IHG is helping to make sure more neurodivergent people are able to access work experience or paid employment. Inclusion is a whole ecosystem and by making their supply chain inclusive IHG are helping this system to flourish
  • IHG is preparing five of its hotels in Bangkok to be ‘disability inclusion ready’. These hotels will take part in a programme which helps them learn how to make their employment practices more open to disabled employees and help all staff learn how to support those with disabilities in the workplace
  • Using the findings from the first five hotels, the project will be extended to other IHG properties and destinations across the country.

Sounds like an important cause! Is there anything else I can do?

If you want to help Steps and IHG with their mission to get more disabled people into work, here are some key actions which could help:

  • If you are an IHG guest, feed back your thoughts about this partnership. Maybe you have a disability or are neurodivergent – how could the hotel better support your needs?
  • If you are IHG staff, engage with the project! Ask your manager for more information.
  • You can also support Steps by ordering our products (stocked online via our sister business Theera), visiting our coffee shops, or even using our consultancy services to see if your workplace could be made more inclusive. You can also follow us on Facebook or Instagram to help us spread the word about how important it is that everyone is able to access a fulfilling career.

Thank you for your interest in our mission to make jobs accessible to everyone!

Steps consultancy services are here to support all businesses with hiring disabled and neurodivergent staff. Read more about our consultancy and connect with us here.  

Read the latest news about the Steps and IHG partnership here.

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