Rajat's story: working at El Mercado

"I like about my job is to speak with others. To listen to my customers."

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Rajat graduated from the Steps vocational programme in 2019, and started working in the El Mercado grocery at Suan Phlu. Rajat shares his experience in the video above, or you can read about it below.

What do you do at work?

I do everything that I like. I like French food. I like cheese, different kinds of cheese. It is the shop which I like.
What do you like about your job?
To speak with others. To listen to my customers, when they arrived.
What do you find hard about your job?
I find it hard about my job is to carry some stuff up and down, up and down.
Can you tell me about some of the people you have met at work?
You can talk about new friends that you met at work? Or you can talk about customers? Anything that you like.
I met someone that… my dad came here before.
He come to see you at work?
And that was nice to see your father.
Some of the people like a new friend. A new people.
Can you tell me how did training at Steps help you get ready to come work here?
I decided to work on money cashier, counting money.
When you are at Steps, you learn how to do those things?
And then I came here.
What have you learned since doing your job here? You have learnt different things about what is it like to be at work?
I have learn that doing cutting, sampling with the cheese and ham. And everything, and I mop the floor, sweep the floor. Bakery and stuff.
And what do you like best about your job?
I like everything that I work.
What is your hope for the future?
Hope for the future … hard question…
You can think about it
Hope for the future … same thing … the same thing that I like.
You want to stay and work here for a long time? 

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