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Looking to outsource some services and be inclusive at the same time? Welcome! Steps has a team of dedicated, passionate young trainees keen to help your business and gain work experience.

At Sea, we truly believe that technology can build better and more inclusive society.

Together with Steps, we are pleased to have an opportunity to empower Neurodivergent people – such as those with autism – by supporting training programs; equipping them with relevant digital skills, and providing career opportunities. We hope this collaboration helps unlock their potential and enables them to live with confidence and pride.

Maneerat Anulomsombat, CEO of Sea (Thailand)

Where CSR and outsourcing meet

The background 

Steps is a social enterprise based in Bangkok and Phuket. We offer vocational training to young people, including some who are Neurodivergent – such as autism. By working with businesses to increase their skills base, we help them get access to long term employment and a brighter future.


Our Business Services Centre was developed in collaboration with RMA Group Thailand. RMA’s HR department outsourced the digitization of documents to Steps trainees and graduates. The graduates gained meaningful paid employment, the trainees learned a host of new skills, and RMA were very satisfied with the service they received. We have since expanded to offer this service to a range of companies.


What we can offer you

Depending on the size of the project, we ask for a set up fee of 5,000 baht. This enables us to become familiar with your documents, your labelling system, and your storage systems and/or server. This is a one time fee payable by all clients. 
  • Digitization of HR, accounting documents, and other document types including scanning, filing, uploading to secure servers, renaming
  • Data entry (moving data from place to another, entering hard data into databases, spreadsheets, and other file types)
  • Digitization of written notes into typed documents (such as recipe books, meeting notes, address books)
  • Digitization of photos, music and other memories or files you wish to transfer to a new format (scanning printed photos, taking music from CD’s to MP3 files).
We will discuss the costs and timeline with you individually or you can use our document scanning quote calculator for an indication of the costs involved. All services are provided off site.

By using our services, you are providing training and dignified employment for our community. We commit to providing your organisation with a quality service and will work with you collaboratively to provide the best outcomes.

Contact us today and we can discuss how to work together.


Become a business partner

Are you trying to hire more inclusively? We can support you with hiring our graduates – you create opportunities, and they enrich the workplace.

Calculate costs

Want an estimate of how much your project with us will cost? Use our document scanning quote calculator to find out.

Documents digitised to date!

This project has made a huge improvement to RMA, by providing us with almost instant access to employee data at the touch of a keyboard, and it’s an activity that we weren’t resourced to complete internally. The team at Steps have expanded their experience and skills base into a new area of business services and have proven their competence through this exercise.

– Stuart Daniels, RMA Group

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We run a vocational training centre for people with disabilities, busy cafes and zero waste shops for our trainees to gain skills, and a therapy centre. Read more about who we are and what we do.

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Our coffee shops offer wholesome, allergen-free food prepared and served by trainees from our vocational centre.

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