Become a business partner

As a business partner with Steps you are one of our most valued assets. You can provide our trainees with work experience, internships or (even better) their dream, a paid, forever job. We’re also on hand to sell smoothies and snacks at your events, or to supply your business with lovingly prepared baked goods.

We thought that working with Steps trainees we were helping them… we were absolutely wrong. Working with Steps has helped us instead, to develop the team spirit, to feel we are part of something bigger than ourself, to be more comprehensive, find other ways to communicate, find the best of each individual and ultimately consider the obstacles as an opportunity to grow.

– Griselda Gras, El Mercado Bangkok

Your business can be a force for change

There are more than two million people registered with disabilities in Thailand. Of those who are working more than 60% are employed in agriculture, despite their wide range of talents and abilities.

Businesses are missing out on an untapped pool of potential, and individuals are missing out on their right to a dignified, fulfilling working life.

Ways to work with us

Your business can play a role in changing this. Here’s how.

  • Employ our trainees in one of the following ways:

    1. Work experience (6 weeks, unpaid)
    2. Internship (3 months, unpaid but lunch and travel expenses should be covered).  The goal is that this leads to paid employment for the trainee with your business.
    3. Sustainable part or full time paid employment.
  • Outsource your administrative tasks to our Business Service Centre: our trainees can complete bulk data entry and digitisation projects

  • Stock baked goods made by our trainees, like our partners Broccoli Revolution, Patom Organic Living, and Berkeley International School.

  • Support us through your CSR activities – whether its through buying us equipment so we can open more stores, or spreading the word about us, we appreciate any help with our mission. You can also hold team away days at our training centre. 

Interested in finding out more about partnership with us? Email us on and we’ll get right back to you.

Still researching if this is the right step for you? You might find our list of further reading about inclusive employment helpful.

Online resources

We’ve made a list of online reading about employing Neurodivergent young people – such as those with autism. Download it below (PDF).

Tips and tricks for sustainability

Steps worked with the Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau to gather tips and tricks from leaders in the hospitality industry on how they have placed sustainability at the heart of their business recovery following the pandemic. We bought it all together in a free, downloadable booklet.  

Our current partners say…

Working with Steps has made a huge improvement to RMA. By providing us with almost instant access to employee data at the touch of a keyboard, it’s an activity that we weren’t resourced to complete internally. The team at STEPS have expanded their experience and skills base into a new area of business services and have proven their competence through this exercise. We’re now exploring how we can expand this activity into other RMA business processes in partnership with STEPS. Read more about our partnership here.

– Stuart Daniels, Vice Principle of HR, RMAgroup

“The BCCT needed to outsource some monthly document digitization work and after finding out about the services provided by Steps, it was a natural choice for us to want to hire inclusively and expand our own knowledge about neurodiversity. We are very pleased with the quality of service and professionalism and would highly recommend Steps to other businesses who need to outsource administrative work.”

-Greg Watkins, Executive Director, British Chamber of Commerce Thailand 

“It has been a pleasure to work with Steps. Their work has made a noticeable difference. They take care of the customers folder for us which dates back to the 1990’s. We have found the work to be of a high quality and we are now looking at more ways we can work with Steps. It’s been such a win-win and we are happy to support Steps’ incredible mission while also benefiting from their services.”

– Paradee Minchainant, Managing Director, CHAINANT

Little Pea is a place for families to connect through multi-sensory play, creative activities, and inspiring classes. You can have a blast at their Messy & Water Playgroup, bust a move at a dance class, cook-up a storm at their cooking camps during term break, or just pop in for an afternoon of fun. There is something for everyone. This includes classes for little ones, kids, families, and expectant parents.

Little Pea is proud to collaborate with Steps to provide the community with a café where families can relax and enjoy a delicious meal. It’s also a place where kids can just be kids. In addition to serving wholesome food for Little Pea kids and campers, Steps is also partnering with Little Pea to cater food and treats for children’s birthdays and other celebrations. Let’s eat! Learn more at

Little Pea

“The BDO Global purpose is to support all our people in the pursuit of their dreams. At BDO in Thailand we have an inclusive culture and want to create an environment which provides employment opportunities for people with all levels of abilities to enable each one of them to reach their maximum potential. We have chosen to collaborate with Steps due to their passion to advocate for the Neurodivergent community and provide sustainable employment opportunities to enable them to feel that they are valued in our society, which in terms builds their own self-esteem.”

– Noel Ashpole, Partner, BDO

“We have been very happy to work with the trainees from Steps, not only has Max herself been super professional and easy to work with, we have had the pleasure of helping her trainees grow into web designers and developers. We look forward to continually working with this amazing organisation.”

– Carl, Founder, Web Courses Bangkok

“Through our multi-level programmes, Special Olympic athletes develop physically and socially, improve their health and gaining acceptance from society.  Our partnership with Steps officially started in 2017 with Steps implementing vocational training in 2 SOT member-schools. Both Steps and SOT work towards providing skill development, empowerment and opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities so that they, too, can contribute to their community. We strive to create a better world by fostering acceptance and inclusion of all people.”

– Ratchaneewan Bulakul, Director, Special Olympics Thailand (SOT)

We thought that working with Step’s trainees we were helping them… we were absolutely wrong! !!! Working with Steps has helped us instead, to develop the team spirit, to feel we are part of something bigger than ourselves, to be more comprehensive, find other ways to communicate, find the best of each individual and ultimately consider the obstacles as an opportunity to grow. Thank you Steps!!

– Griselda, Co-founder, El Mercado Bangkok

“I’ve been lucky enough to work with Steps since its inception. Steps has helped develop the confidence, self esteem and skills of every student and young person who has been lucky enough to access their amazing provision. Always looking to develop and be proactive in terms of cooperation and collaboration with a wide range of educational establishments, businesses, parents and students, Steps has made, and will continue to make, a positive impact in young SEN students’ lives.”

– Mike Duly, Head of Learning Support, St Andrew’s International School, Bangkok.

“At Sea, we truly believe that technology can build better and more inclusive society. Together with Steps, we are pleased to have an opportunity to empower people with learning differences by supporting training programs; equipping them with relevant digital skills, and providing career opportunities. We hope this collaboration helps unlock their potential and enables them to live with confidence and pride.”

– Maneerat Anulomsombat, CEO, Sea (Thailand).

“We are delighted to be part of this program and after working with STEPS trainees just for a short while we found that they could learn very fast and all the assignments have been completed nicely.
At BayWa r.e. we value the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and we will continue exploring the opportunities to work with STEPS not only to support our business activities but also to encourage the trainees to proudly show their potentials and skills in their career and community.”

– Supply chain, BayWa r.e.

Find out more

Business Service Centre

Outsource tasks like data entry and digitisation to our team of trainees and create opportunities for Neurodivergent young people – such as those with autism.

Read more about us

Alongside our therapy centre we run a vocational training centre for people with disabilities and a busy cafe for our trainees to gain skills. Read more about who we are and what we do.

Our coffee shop

Our coffee shop offers wholesome, allergen-free food prepared and served by trainees from our vocational centre.