Every young person has potential, but if they’re trying to ‘fit in’ with a way of learning that doesn’t work for them, their talents could be wasted. 
We don’t want that to happen, and that’s why we’re putting out a call to parents in Bangkok and Phuket who are looking for alternative education pathways for their child. Our Life Skills Programme is open to young people aged 14-18, and takes a hands-on, tailored approach as well as excellent onward employment opportunities.

Isn’t this just the same as a school learning support department?


The environment at Steps is much smaller,  so we have a higher ratio of coaches to trainees. This allows us to take a completely individualised approach to your child’s education. We focus on offering them alternative pathways to qualifications. We prepare them for a life beyond education by giving them opportunities to apply life skills in real, everyday environments.

But would my child have to join you full time?


Some learners benefit from being with us for a short period of time, or on a part-time basis alongside attending mainstream school. We just want to do what’s best for you and your child, so we will go with the best setup for them. We will also work with other professionals to ensure their learning is generalised. The evidence we’ve collected shows the way we work seems to really help those with low self-esteem and confidence.

Isn’t it hard to monitor progress with such a varied approach to learning?


The progress of our trainees means the world to us, and we have spent a lot of time and thought into creating our own learning plans. These will help us assess your child’s progress four times a year. The most important thing is that we’re meeting your needs, and those of your child, so we will meet with you to evaluate goals and decide together on new targets, ensuring your child is motivated and feels like they are part of the conversation.

Do you work with therapists?


Our therapists work hands on, alongside our trainees in the training centre, in the community, and on the job. We take an integrated approach where rather than doing pull out 1-1 therapy sessions, we support trainees in their everyday environments.

I’m interested, but how do I know this programme is right for my child?

In case it helps, this is what we’ve noticed about the trainees who thrive on our programme:
  • Smaller, calmer, more supportive environments increase their ability to learn
  • A learn by doing approach helps to break down tasks and skills into smaller chunks, making them easier to understand
  • Curriculum and learning that is based on their interests is highly motivating 
  • Focusing on skills for the future seems more practical
  • A typical school environment is overwhelming, unengaging or causes anxiety.

What our graduates say

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Nicky at work in the Steps office.


Nicky, a Steps graduate, describes how his life has changed since completing his life skills training at Steps: 
“I started in Life Skills Programme when I learn things like being independently. I feel so focused when I do learning life skills programme. Then I moved to vocational training programme when I have to learn how to work. I feel very happy to learn. Then I moved to Employment Programme when I learn how to do a job. I feel very good when there is a work log.”

We’re here to answer your questions

 We know this is a huge decision for you and your child to make. If you have any questions at all, please get in touch


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