Life Skills Programme

If your child would benefit from an alternative, more personalised approach to their education, our Life Skills Programme may be for them.
“If they can’t learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn.”
– O. Ivar Lovaas

What is the Life Skills Programme?

Aimed at young people aged 11-16, our Life Skills Programme is an opportunity to attain UK accredited qualifications from ASDAN and/or BTEC to support the next steps in your child’s education, including:

  • Further education
  • Vocational training
  • Preparation for employment.

How it works

Portfolio based
A wide range of portfolio-based ASDAN and BTEC qualifications are available. This means we will collect evidence like videos, photos, blogs, posters and presentations to assess your child’s understanding, instead of putting them through stressful exams.

Peer mentors
Our older trainees work as peer mentors for the Life Skills Programme, a service which benefits both sides. Isabel, a peer mentor at Steps, says:

“I feel responsible for helping others. Helping others makes me happy. I help my friends in cooking class where I can share my cooking skills with them. I also like to help my friends when they feel bad because it makes me feel sad when they are sad.”

Learning by doing
We know from our own experience and research that learners engage best when experiencing real world situations, and from learning by doing. That’s why we combine theory with a hands-on practical approach, offering regular opportunities to learn new skills.

"For the first time ever we feel he has opportunity."

Find out how Braden, 19, has benefited from his training with Steps.

"I like about my job is to speak with others. To listen to my customers."

When Rajat completed his training with Steps, we helped transition him into work at El Mercado, a European style grocery in central Bangkok.

Preparing for employment

As your child approaches 18, we will encourage them to think about their pathway into employment, based on the work experience they’ve gained on the Life Skills Programme.

Thanks to our wide range of business and community partners, our trainees can access internships and employment opportunities within many different settings and industries.

We’re proud to say that, so far, 100% of our graduates have entered into sustainable employment!

Do you still have questions?

Check out our parent FAQ.