What to expect from Steps after half term at St Andrews 71 and HeadStart Phuket

Firstly, a big thank you from our teams for all your support during the first half of this term. It was a strange return to school but so great to be back together as a community and your feedback on our new systems and products has been invaluable. 

We are working closely with parents to make sure everything we sell is as healthy as possible. Things we want you to know about our existing and all future products:

  • Everything is refined sugar free, we mostly use coconut sugar, honey, brown sugar, and dates to sweeten products
  • Many of our products are plant based which means they are made with healthier/ lower fat ingredients.
  • Our breads are either wholewheat or the green coloured sandwich bread has spinach in it
  • Our products are all Trans Fat-free

Reminder – You can order cupcakes for your child’s birthday from us! Check out some of the options below and see the rest on our website.

New things to look out for at STA:

  • New look cafe – check out our new space! Got 5 mins? Read some of our trainee stories
  • More tasty food options as this term you have loved it!
  • More healthy ice cream flavours
  • More promotions available via Line (download the QR code here)

New things to look out for at HeadStart:

  • The return of the famous power balls!
  • The frozen yogurt recipe approved by schools nutritional advisor
  • More food options at affordable prices
  • Homemade kids favourite snacks
  • Place orders via Line

Remember we are a certified Social Enterprise which means 100% of our profits must legally go back into our mission and we use this to extend our training and employment opportunities for people with learning differences. When you buy from us, you are contributing to social change. Drink coffee, eat cake, and feel good!



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