Earlier this year we announced a major new partner for Steps – IHG Hotels & Resorts, a global hospitality group. IHG is working with Steps on a pilot programme to deepen its culture of disability inclusion across five of its hotels in Thailand initially, with a view to expansion.

For the first phase of the programme Steps conducted a survey on 1,200 colleagues across the five hotels. It was encouraging to discover that allyship, psychological safety, and authenticity are the most valued workplace considerations by IHG’s employees in Thailand. The strong sense of inclusion demonstrated in these results showcases the company’s dedication to creating an equal opportunity environment for everyone.

Adopting an inclusion plan
The survey also revealed area where IHG could improve their inclusion provision, and Steps will work closely with them to transition properties across Thailand to be disability-inclusion ready. Our team of inclusion specialists, therapists, and trainees have presented insights and recommendations across policies, human resources, inclusion strategy, and accessibility.

Leading the way in inclusive supply chains
On top of its pioneering work to create disability inclusive working environments IHG is adapting its supply chain to be more inclusive by supporting Steps’ bakery initiative. At least ten IHG hotels have started ordering snacks from Steps, in turn empowering neurodivergent individuals by providing them with work experience and employment opportunities. IHG guests can look out for baked goods from Steps in their in-room minibar amenities and dining establishments, creating a positive impact for the community.

Our shared commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion will enable IHG to foster a sustainable employment model that makes all colleagues feel welcome and valued. We are excited about the journey ahead and look forward to a continued partnership with IHG to build a more inclusive Thailand.

Read more about the Steps and IHG partnership here. 

Interested in how Steps can help your company make space for those with disabilities? Find out about our consultancy services here.



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