March 21st is World Down’s Syndrome day, and April is Autism Awareness month. We think this is a great time to hand the mic to those who are either living with Down’s and autism, or who dedicate their time to creating an inclusive society. Here’s another great and successful story from Nakita. Read her story below.


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Nakita Hannah is 19 years old. She was a trainee at Steps for 3 years. Now she is an official graduate trainee and becoming an entrepreneur at Steps with Nakita who have branches in Phuket at Head Start International School Phuket and Blue Tree Community Mall. She loves making coffee and smoothies, and you may see her dancing sometimes too!

“Today I am a barista, I make juice, smoothies and coffee. Then I serve them to students. I like my job. Here I work with P’ Tip, P’ Kwang, P’ Ked. They are kind and are patient.”

“I work from Monday to Friday and sometimes I go to another branch at Blue Tree Phuket. Coming to work makes me feel happy and excited. I have many customers.”

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