By Max Simpson, Steps Co-founder

Forget steps, today we take a leap toward our pledge to be plastic-free by October by opening one of the first zero-waste shops in Phuket. The shop opens alongside our new vocational centre in Cherntalay and will help our trainees learn some key skills including measuring and weighing, stock taking, using the till, interacting with the community, and running workshops.

What you can buy

Stock includes bamboo straw sets, bamboo toothbrushes and SuperBee wax wraps. We have a small refill station with a range of beauty products from HUG as well as cleaning products from Conscious Living and Pungungreen. Alongside some organic and natural products we have everyday items available for you to refill. You can buy reusable containers, or bring your own/donate old glass jars to us so we can sterilise and reuse them.

The shop’s coolest feature

We’re very excited about our second-hand book corner, where you can come to chill with us whilst enjoying one of our teas from Monsoon. They are the leaders in sustainably sourced tea and we will soon be offering tea tasting sessions. We also plan to run sustainability workshops, open to all. Watch this space!

How you can help us

Here’s what you can bring along to our recycling station… Recycle station at Steps Zero Waste shop

Plastic-free Steps

Just so you know (and can pester us about it), we’ve made a pledge to become completely plastic-free within all our coffee shops by October. This includes no plastic cups, no straws, no plastic wrap and we even found these cool banana leaf cake wraps!

Join us in cutting out the plastic – come and visit our store, opening today, 9 September 2019!


Opening hours – every day from 9am-6pm except Wednesday (9am-2:30pm)
Location – Unit 13, Blue Tree Community Mall, Cherntalay, Phuket
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