Recently Steps turned five years old. Yes, five! We know! We asked our team to reflect on top moments which have really stood out for them during their time with us, and we’ll be sharing them over the next couple of weeks. We hope you enjoy reliving these happy moments with us!

Pear is Head of Training Centre for Steps Bangkok. Here are her top moments: 

  1.  Once I sent an apology email to the trainees as I mistyped the date in a previous email. One trainee replied ‘It’s ok, Pear. Mistakes happen’. Another moment was when I did something hilariously wrong and one of the trainees said ‘It’s your first time, Pear. It’s alright!’ 
  2. I was very happy with some feedback received from the Rembrandt hotel. After working with one of our graduates in the office, a manager said working with our graduate really opened up her world about neurodivergent people. A different way of thinking led them to a different way of working and it worked out well. That’s exactly what I see everyday in my role as a job coach but it makes me even happier when the others see it too.
  3. I love it when the trainees truly show themselves without fear of negative feedback from the others e.g. when they send photos of their favorite things / hobbies in the group chat. It shows that Steps is a safe space where everyone is accepted as who they are and whatever they say, they are listened to.
  4. It’s always a great moment for me to see that trainees are motivated to go to work and see themselves as one responsible adult. Sometimes their motivations surprisingly grow from 0% to more than 80% in a few years at Steps. Imagine the same trainee who used to ask me ‘why do I have to work in a coffee shop during lunchtime?’ now keeps asking me ‘when can I go back to work?’ The motivation mostly comes from friends who are like role models for them and also from experience they’ve got from working in the real work environment.
  5. All those kind words we use with the trainees day to day at Steps reverse back to us all the time. Steps world is this sweet!
  6. Although staying at Steps forever is not realistic to anyone, honestly, we can’t stop smiling when some trainees express they want to continue Steps forever!

These are the kind of breakthroughs that keep us going and growing every day. 

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