Recently Steps turned five years old. Yes, five! We know! We asked our team to reflect on some moments which have really stood out for them during their time with us, and we’ll be sharing them over the next couple of weeks. We hope you enjoy reliving these happy moments with us!

Oui is a Job Coach and Occupational Therapist (OT) at Steps Bangkok. Here are his top moments: 

  1. The time I get to spend with trainees as a teacher, mentor and friend. We learn from each other, exchange ideas, share experiences.
  2. The time when we get to learn from real life situations. When we went on the communities trip, a residential trip, we did not have to worry about anything, we enjoyed the moment that we spent together.
  3. We get to witness how hard the trainees work to achieve their goals. They take small but worthy steps  as they move forward.
  4. The moment that the trainees get the opportunity to experience real life events, raising awareness in our community, building their confidence.

These are the kind of breakthroughs that keep us going and growing every day. 

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