Recently Steps turned five years old. Yes, five! We know! We asked our team to reflect on five moments which have really stood out for them during their time with us, and we’ll be sharing them over the next couple of weeks. We hope you enjoy reliving these happy moments with us!

Max is CEO and Co-Founder of Steps. Here are Max’s top five moments: 

  1. I remember watching Sayan so desperately wanting to be able to serve customers independently and working so hard over a 3 month period to be able to do all the steps involved. One day it just came to him and he went straight to the bar to tell his colleague he had finally done it with the biggest smile!
  2. Opening theCOMMONS branch this year was a huge achievement for us as we become part of a bigger community who is committed to embracing our #inclusivecommunity mission
  3. Seeing the shift in expectations and acceptance towards our community from staff members, employment partners, and customers as they get to know us and experience the value our community has to add
  4. When we open new pathways/services such as our business service centre and you see the purpose and fulfilment it instantly gives to so many trainees and in turn creates meaningful employment opportunities.

These are the kind of breakthroughs that keep us going and growing every day. 

If you’re looking for this kind of support for your child, find out more about enrolling on one of our programmes. Admission & Enrollment – Steps With Theera

You can also support our work by visiting our cafes, hiring our spaces Tanya edit ways to support us (, outsourcing to our business service centre Business service centre – Steps With Theera or becoming a business partner. Our partners – Steps With Theera

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