Steps at St Andrews Sukhumvit 107

By partnering with St Andrews Sukhumvit 107 International School, we can offer neurodivergent children something truly unique. They can now attend a Steps vocational centre, and train in a Steps cafe, onsite at the St Andrews campus.

When we speak about inclusion, we speak about creating a place where everyone feels accepted for who they are. We’ve managed to create this environment within our current vocational centres and cafes, but it will never be enough until it starts to expand beyond the spaces we manage to wider society. What better place to start than a school, where the perceptions of the decision makers and employers of the future are being shaped.

–  Max Simpson, CEO, Steps


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An alternative approach to education in a traditional academic setting

Steps has opened a vocational centre at St Andrews Sukhumvit 107, marking a groundbreaking education setting for Thailand. It represents a truly inclusive new school model which brings together traditional education and alternative pathways for children who need them. As well as the vocational centre, Steps is now running the campus cafe where trainees on their programme can gain hands-on work experience.

Why should I consider Steps at St Andrews Sukhumvit 107 for my child?

  • Rather than learning in a completely separate environment, learners can join elements of mainstream school (such as tutor groups, PE, music) alongside following their own specialist curriculum which prepares them for employment/further education and independence
  • Trainees can remain in the programme until age 21, in a safe, supportive environment. This works well for those young people aren’t ready for college or university at 18
  • Once they are ready to graduate, Steps’ existing extensive list of employment partners spans a range of industries and 100% of our graduates have found employment 
  • If you have more than one child, siblings or other family members can be together at one school
  • A wide range of internal work experience and internship opportunities will be created within the school, not just for trainees but for all students.

What are the programmes on offer?

  • Learners aged 14-18 years will follow our Preparation for the Future Programme allowing them to gain ASDAN qualifications in Independent Living, Workright, and Hospitality, as well as begin work experience
  • Learners aged over 18 will follow our Transition to Employment Programme which helps them explore opportunities for the future and begin moving into internships at our partner companies
  • Learners will also have the opportunity to join mainstream, iGCSE, BTEC, and IB classes where appropriate

How can I find out more about enrolling?

You can read more about the admission and enrolment process for Steps here. Please contact us if you want to talk through anything, we’re happy to help.

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