Scholarships at Steps

If you have a family member aged 17 - 25 who needs help transitioning to work they may be eligible for a scholarship at Steps.

I like to work at Steps and get to meet new friends and teachers. I feel happy. Everyone here smiles all the time. I get to learn Thai, English, and Japanese.

– Ryu, Steps scholarship trainee

What is the Steps scholarship and who is eligible?

Who can access the scholarship? 

To join the Steps scholarship your child:

  • Must be at least 17 and under 25 years of age
  • Must have completed secondary education (graduated year 10)
  • Must be a Thai citizen
  • Must possess a PWD card
  • Should be able to communicate by speech, sign, or with an assisted device
  • Should be physically able to manoeuvre up and down stairs, and around the training centre and coffee shop
  • Must be able to toilet and manage their general hygiene independently
  • Trainees displaying physical violence won’t be able to access the programme.

*All families will be asked to make a financial contribution which is calculated based on income. This is to ensure that scholarship places are offered to families serious about completing the programme.


Programme outline

  • 6 month programme focused on skills for life, employment, and independence
  • Each year one vocational focus is selected (2019 was hospitality, 2020 was office and administration for example)
  • Attending our vocational training centre Mon-Fri from 8am-2:30pm
  • Completing an on the job internship either in one of our coffee shops or offices
  • Qualifications (ASDAN TI: Office Administration, TI: Work Awareness, Workright)

Application process

  • Get in touch to request an application form or download one here
  • If you are shortlisted, you will be invited for an interview and your family member will be asked to join us for a trial day
  • If you are selected, an offer will be made which you have the right to accept or refuse
  • Your family member will join us (typical start date is May/June time)
Steps Summer programme Pear


Questions about our scholarship programme? Please contact us and we would be happy to help. 


Steps graduates in employment

A thanks to our scholarship funders

Many of our corporate partners are committed to inclusion but are not sure of the best way to drive the agenda forward. They also want to move beyond typical scholarship programmes and donations, as do we, so we worked with our partners to create the Scholarship to Work Programme.

Each year one of our partners will partially fund between 5-10 scholarships.

Our 2019 scholarship programme was funded by the Ford Foundation and saw four young people gain meaningful and appropriate skills for employment.

Our 2020 scholarship programme was funded by Sea Thailand (owners of Shopee and Garena) and supported five young people.

We thank our partners for helping us transform the futures of our scholarship trainees.

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We run a vocational training centre for people with disabilities, busy cafes and zero waste shops for our trainees to gain skills, and a therapy centre. Read more about who we are and what we do.

Our coffee shops

Our coffee shops offer wholesome, allergen-free food prepared and served by trainees from our vocational centre.