Preparation for the Future Programme (Next Steps)

On the Next Steps programme, we work out what learners want from their future, and whether their goals are academic or employment based, we’ll help make this a reality.

After the 3 years with Steps I’m confident that we can place him, find the right workplace for him. He’s got the general skills and knowledge on how to behave and a good work ethic.”

– Parent of Finn, who completed all of the Steps programmes and is now in employment.

Course outline

This programme focuses on preparing our learners for their future pathway, whether continuing with their academic development (college, foundation year, university) or getting them ready for work. As with all of our programmes, development of self-confidence, self esteem, social and communication skills is built in to everything we do.

NOTE: As each learner is an individual and may progress quicker or benefit from more time, we don’t restrict our programmes by age.

The Next Step Programme covers:

  • UK-accredited ASDAN qualifications with a focus on work and independence
  •  The option to begin BTEC qualifications which are more specific to an industry (such as Hospitality and Catering, Sports Management)
  • Internal internships with one of our in-house businesses (coffee shop, zero waste shop, business services centre)
  • Learning transferable skills in preparation for the workplace/further education (conflict resolution, following instructions, motivation, organisation and time management, showing initiative)
  • Becoming a peer mentor for the Life Skills programme and nurturing younger trainees.

How we teach the course

If your family member is likely to continue on an academic path, we will equip them with the academic support and qualifications they need to move on in the future. We know that some learners benefit from a reduced academic schedule, having tasks broken down into smaller chunks, more visual instructions, and learn by doing opportunities to grasp concepts. These approaches are embedded into everything we do.

For the young people who want to transition to work, we will begin vocational training and prepare them to move into our Transition to Employment programme. They will experience a range of different types of work to give them an insight into different employment opportunities.

We have trainees working on web design, training to be baristas, learning about stock management, and digital communications. There is a meaningful and value adding job for everyone.

We’ll take the time to get to know the interests and abilities of your family member, then structure their work around those areas to maximise engagement and motivation. Once we’ve established a trusting relationship with them, we’ll work on the things they find harder.

If you would like to keep your family member at a mainstream school part time alongside our life skills programme, let us know. We can take a flexible and learner centred approach. 

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“I feel responsible for helping others. Helping others makes me happy. I help my friends in cooking class where I can share my cooking skills with them. I also like to help my friends when they feel bad because it makes me feel sad when they are sad.” – Isabel, peer mentor at Steps.

Essential information

Admission and enrolment

Read more about our admissions criteria and how to enrol.

Course fees

We have a competitive fee structure. Read more about our fees or contact us to discuss our scholarships.

Parents FAQ

Whether you want to know what a typical day at Steps looks like, or whether learners can join part time, you’ll find answers to your questions here.

Our other programmes

11-16: Life Skills Programme (First Steps)

This programme is about preparing your child socially and emotionally for the working environment. We’ll look at functional numeracy and literacy skills, social and emotional wellbeing, communication skills and access to UK ASDAN qualifications.

18 and up: Transition to Employment (Future Steps)

Our transition programme will focus on employability. Your child may attend mock interviews and make their CV. They may start an internship with a Steps business partner. They will complete any ASDAN or BTEC qualifications they’re working on.