March 21st is World Down’s Syndrome day, and April is autism awareness month. We think this is a great time to hand the mic to those who are either living with Down’s and autism, or who dedicate their time to creating an inclusive society. We’re kicking off with Parn – read her story below. 

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Introducing Parn our first trainee that we are proud to present

Parn Supenda is 37 years old. She was a trainee at Steps for 3 years. Now she is an official employee and works as a barista assistant along with customer service. She loves making coffees and drinks, taking orders and serving customers, cleaning the shop, and helping other staff when they need her to.

“Steps is different from my previous workplace – staff are all very helpful and supportive. I am given more opportunities to do different jobs, while the other workplace only gave me one or two jobs.” 

“I like to work because I want to have a steady job and get paid. I need to be independent and be able to take care of my mum and dad.” She said

She also said that Steps makes her feel proud and more confident and most importantly is to improve her skill in every aspect.

“I feel proud about myself, I feel more confident and I can see myself improving in many aspects such as making drinks, baking, using the computer, speaking to customers.”

Also, my emotions have improved. I used to be very hot tempered, but here I have friends and coaches who understand me and guide me. So I learn how to control my emotions and generally I’m happier.” 

Eventually she wants to thank Steps for giving great opportunities and encouraging people with learning differences to show their potential.

“I think I have changed a lot – I feel like a grown up now. “ She said

“Places like Steps, give opportunities. I get to learn and work. I think it’s good to have more places like this. I want to tell other people like me to come out, to show that you can work, just come out!”

“I want to be part of the team to let others see that everyone can work and that I will do my best at work so people who see me are motivated.” 

All of this represents her passion to show her full potential. We want everyone to be part of creating a more inclusive world which allows and creates the opportunities for people with learning differences to work. Because we believe that they have many skills which can add value to any company

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We can assure you that our next trainee will definitely be as cool as Parn!

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