Disability and neuro-inclusion for businesses

Steps Consultancy Service is part of the Valuable 500

Steps Consulting is a member of the Valuable 500, promoting disability inclusion in workplaces globally. Members can now access Steps’ consultancy services via the directory or directly reaching out to Steps. The Valuable 500 brings together 500 companies committed to ending disability exclusion at work. Led by 500 CEOs who prioritise disability inclusion, these companies are taking real steps towards change.

Steps recently launched the Neurodiversity at Work Research Centre in partnership with the Sasin School of Management, emphasising its commitment to driving research, advocacy, and policy reforms for neurodiversity inclusion. By offering consultancy services and documenting the business case for neurodiversity, Steps leads in creating inclusive employment opportunities for people who identify as disabled or neurodivergent. 

The Valuable 500’s efforts centre on its Directory, a platform for global business disability intelligence and expertise. This hub facilitates collaboration, fostering partnerships and innovation in disability inclusion initiatives. Explore the Valuable 500 companies at https://www.thevaluable500.com/companies.

Overlook disability. Overlook opportunity.

Many businesses in Thailand are missing out on the innovation, culture of belonging and increased profits which come with neuro-inclusion. Don’t be one of them.

Steps’ team of disability inclusion specialists are experienced across the business, education, and third sectors. We’ll help you maximise the opportunity to be at the forefront of disability inclusive practices.

What is neuro-inclusion?

15-20 percent of the global population is considered to be neurodivergent. Neurodivergent people include those with autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia and other ways of thinking which differ from what is considered typical.

Neuro-inclusion is the notion of designing workplaces or other spaces so they are accessible to all, including neurodivergent people

How Steps can support your business

Steps can works with businesses in the following ways:

Disability in the workplace: the stats

  • 15% of the global population has disabilities (World Bank, 2021)
  • 50-70% of people with disabilities in developed countries are unemployed while more than 80-90% in developing countries are unemployed (UN, 2015)
  • If people with disabilities were included in the workplace the GDP would create between
    $1.37-$1.97 trillion annually (ILO, 2018).

The benefits of becoming disability and neuro-inclusive

Creating a diverse workforce is not just another KPI, it is creating value for your employees through engagement, passion, and dedication. Build a story for your organisation that every single employee will be proud to tell.

Beyond that, the business case speaks for itself.

The business case

Innovation that is truly inclusive for all types of people and customers comes from having a diverse workforce – think voice recognition!

Businesses that hire persons with disabilities and foster inclusive cultures report bottom-line benefits that show proven ROI


Studies show that working alongside people with disabilities makes non-disabled individuals more aware of how to make the workplace more inclusive for everyone. 

Staff turnover is also lower, by up to 30 percent.

Future proofing your business

Our services

Here is how Steps can help your business:

  • Understand your organisation’s attitudes, knowledge, and beliefs around inclusion and disability with our baseline inclusion assessment
  • Physical and sensory workplace assessment
  • Communication, system, and process assessment
  • Focus groups, roundtable discussions, workshops, and training
  • Adapting existing recruitment, onboarding, retention, and development processes to be accessible and inclusive
  • Policy reviews
  • Understanding what accommodations you can offer and how to put them in place
  • Setting up employee resource groups (informal/formal)
  • Neurodiversity coaching

How to get started?

Send an email with the following information to info@stepscommunity.com and we will be in touch to arrange a call:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Organisation name
  • Number of employees
  • Are you currently hiring anyone who identifies as being neurodivergent and/or disabled? (disclosed or undisclosed)
  • What do you hope to achieve from hiring inclusively?

 We look forward to hearing from you and starting an inclusion journey together.