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Did you know some of Steps’ coffee shops are run as franchises? If you want to run an inclusive, sustainable business for social good, this could be the perfect option for you.

Coming to work makes me feel happy and excited. I have many customers.

Nakita, founder, Steps with Nakita franchise. 

Open a Franchise

When Steps was founded in 2016 we had one coffee shop attached to our Ekkamai training centre. This was a space for our trainees – many of whom are Neurodivergent, such as having autism – to get hands-on work experience. It was a space which was open to the public, so we could connect the local community with the kind of young people they may not normally interact with, and see what a brilliant job they can do when they are given the chance.

Five years on, we run four coffee shops in Bangkok, and have two sister franchises in Phuket, with a potential third on the way.

We’re not planning on stopping there. We believe our model is the future of inclusive business in Thailand and beyond. If you’re looking to start your own business in the service industry, Steps can provide you with a model that doesn’t compromise on ethics. We work with partners across the business sector, and the overwhelming feedback we receive is that employing Neurodivergent people – such as those with autism, leads to happier, more rewarding experiences for all employees.

Social businesses have been recognised as the leading businesses for the future as, since the pandemic, consumers feel a greater connection to community, and employees want to work for humanised organisations more than ever before (source).

Whether you’re a business-minded parent looking for a long-term career for your child, or an F&B owner looking for a unique, CSR-friendly concept for your portfolio, a Steps franchise could be the breakthrough you’re looking for.

Case study: Steps with Nakita

When Nakita started as a Steps trainee in 2016, we could never have imagined that she and her family would end up running two successful coffee shop franchises in Phuket. But that is exactly what happened.


How does it work?

Step 1: Contact us, or fill in a form. We will ask you about the following: 

  • Possible franchise location
  • Do you already have a property in mind
  • If so, please give more info
  • Ideal opening date
  • Any previous experience of running an F&B outlet
  • Any previous experience running a business

Step 2: We will work with you to make your franchise a reality. You will be fully supported throughout the process. We want this to be a huge success, as every successful franchise is a step forward for equality.


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We run a vocational training centre for people with disabilities, busy cafes and zero waste shops for our trainees to gain skills, and a therapy centre. Read more about who we are and what we do.

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Our coffee shops offer wholesome, allergen-free food prepared and served by trainees from our vocational centre.