By Stacey, Steps Phuket

We’re pleased to have welcomed 12 BTEC students from Headstart International School to the Steps with Nakita and Little Steps to Zero Waste teams. This new partnership will help the students develop their communication, vocational and life skills whilst learning more about running a business, which is a requirement of their BTEC program.

The sounds and smells of the students’ helping out in the kitchen and behind the bar fill the coffee shop: yummy chocolate brownies, the popping of buttery popcorn and steaming hot milk for tasty cappuccinos. They’ve also learned how and why we keep the coffee shop area clean and hygienic, helping to sweep floors, wipe down tables, and wash dishes.

On Fridays the BTEC students set up the Little Steps to Zero Waste pop-up store, and get their sales hats on, ticking off more of their BTEC program goals and developing their practical business knowledge. Often the students set themselves a sales target for the day- at least 1000THB. They engage with parents and teachers to sell eco-conscious products with the aim of reaching their target. Straws, wheatstraw cutlery, hot flasks, homemade soap, natural cleaning products are all available for purchase. We’ve been really impressed with how quickly they master thePOS (point of sale) system on the IPad, and with their money handling and stock management skills,recording each sale accurately.

BTEC student at Steps Phuket

You can’t run a business without marketing, so some of the students have also signed up to help create our digital and online marketing content, putting their Canva and graphic design skills to the test!

Here at Steps, we’ve seen how much this partnership is supporting and growing the skills and knowledge of both Steps trainees and BTEC students, and how it is building awareness of what inclusive employment can look like. That’s why we’re hoping it’s a collaboration which will continue long into the future.

Find out more about Steps with Nakita here, and for more information about Steps Zero Waste shop click here.

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