A new business partner has joined the Steps community. Global renewable energy developer BayWa r.e. is transforming the lives of our trainees by welcoming them into a working environment. 


Earlier this year four Steps trainees joined the company which has provided them with a platform to learn and grow in a corporate environment. They will also be given the opportunity to be onboarded as full-time employees at the company. 


The trainees have taken on tasks including administrative paperwork, organizing and coordinating documentation into the right sections, and ensuring documentation is accurately filed. BayWa r.e. has  praised their hard work and attention to detail.  


Renuka Sharma, Head of Legal APAC, BayWa r.e. said “Step’s mission to enable everyone to access a dignified, fulfilling career speaks to our ethos at BayWa r.e. We want to champion Step’s mission and do our part to highlight the value that Steps trainees can bring to a company. More importantly, we want to evoke a sense of belonging for the trainees in the corporate world. We hope that through this partnership, more companies would be encouraged to tap into the capabilities and value of these trainees as well.


Sasipha Minchainant, Head of Steps training centre, said “We are very excited to partner with BayWa r.e. and have their support for what we do at Steps. This partnership is a significant indication to us that we are moving in the right direction.


“Steps and BayWa r.e. are aligned in our objective of giving Step’s employees a sense of self-worth and normalcy. We want to highlight that trainees are a valued member of society and provide them with an opportunity to work, while building their trust and changing their perspective of the corporate world.” 


To find out more about BayWa r.e. visit Renewable energy for the Asia-Pacific region (baywa-re.com)





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