This month we’re sharing our love for El Mercado. Not just because they supply Bangkok with the crustiest bread, tastiest cheese and gooiest pastries on offer. But because we’ve been working with them for two years now, and they employ five of our graduates, making them one of the most inclusive employers in Bangkok.

‘It has made my team more happy to come to work”

To showcase what Steps and El Mercado are doing to create better opportunities for people with learning differences, we’ve been busy interviewing Steps graduates and other staff at El Mercado.

Griselda Gras (Lala), manager of El Mercado, talked to us about why she feels El Mercado is a better place to work since the Steps graduates got involved.

She told us:

“We thought that working with Steps trainees we were helping them… we were absolutely wrong. Working with Steps has helped us instead, to develop the team spirit, to feel we are part of something bigger than ourself.”

Watch her full interview here,

“My future will be… family restaurant for children.”

Kim graduated from Steps and started working at El Mercado in 2019. As you can see in her interview, she’s already dreaming of a future where she can run her own restaurant. Clearly her time with Steps and El Mercado has her feeling confident and capable, which makes us very happy.

And both Nicky and Rajat are enjoying their roles at El Mercado so much that they want to stay in their roles long-term.

We feel very lucky to have made such an important connection in the Bangkok business community. Thanks to El Mercado, and congratulations to our graduates. We are so incredibly proud of you.

Check out all the interviews here.

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