About Us

“Steps is more than a training centre or coffee shop. It is a safe community space for all which promotes individuality.” Max Simpson, Steps co-founder.

Who we are

We’re a passionate team of specialists, therapists and trainees. We run vocational training centres and a range of social businesses such as coffee shops in Bangkok for young adults (some who are neurodivergent), to gain the skills they need to access a fulfilling career. Our therapists work in the wider community to support children and young adults. Our ultimate aim is to help all people lead purposeful, dignified lives.

What we do

Since we started in 2016 our mission to give our trainees a great future has inspired businesses, schools, organisations and individuals across Thailand to get involved. We’ve grown so much it’s hard to cover everything, but here is what we do in a (large) nutshell:

  • Run UK-accredited vocational training centres in central Bangkok and Phuket for young adults. Many of our trainees have learning differences, but we welcome anyone who fits our admission criteria.
  • Work with schools to help them create bespoke educational plans for their learners.
  • Run a number of coffee shops, some of which are attached to our vocational training centres. The coffee shops serve as a safe space for our trainees to apply their new-found work skills. We serve wholesome, allergen free food and pride ourselves on our coffee. Find a full list of our coffee shops here.
  • Run a Business Service Centre which allows companies to outsource digital and admin work for our trainees and graduates to complete on site at our centre, which in turn offers them training and employment opportunities.
  • Build links with businesses and other organisations to arrange employment for our trainees once they’ve completed our vocational programme. 100% of our graduates are in employment with amazing partners doing Thailand proud. Read more about our partners.
  • Provide therapy to children aged three years plus. Our friendly team of professional therapists can run private sessions at Steps or in your home. We offer speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and play therapy.
  • Hold training workshops for schools to help educational staff support children with learning differences such as speech and language difficulties.
  • Our trainees run food and drink stands at external events, serving delicious baked goodies, smoothies and other delights.

As a social organisation committed to our mission, we reinvest 100% of our profit to achieve sustainability and growth so that the community we work alongside reach the opportunities they deserve.

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More about us

Our Story

How we got started on our mission to transform the lives of people with learning differences.

Our team

Meet our highly-qualified team of professional trainers and therapists.

Our Mission

Read more about our mission to create a community that embraces difference and individuality.

Our education programmes

Our education programmes offer UK-accredited training in a friendly environment. Read more about them.

Our coffee shops

Our coffee shops offer healthy food and excellent coffees prepared by our trainees.

Our Therapy Centre

Our highly qualified therapists offer support to children and young adults in Bangkok.