We are celebrating our 6th birthday and thought there is no better way than to share 6 stories from 6 of our stakeholders! These include a trainee, a graduate, a parent/guardian, a business partner, an employment partner, and our CEO.


Everything we achieve is due to these stakeholders and the various partnerships that evolve from their participation in the mission.


An inclusive community is possible when we are aligned in creating a world that celebrates and values difference. #6YearsOfSteps


Graduates – Ter



“Working at the Business Service Centre is my first experience to see working life. I see myself not ready to work at a regular private company because I still cannot adapt 100%. But I learned about a job that I might not like but it is necessary to do and some jobs might be what I like but also might not be a job that I feel connected to..”




Ter joined our training centre after finishing university with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Animation as he didn’t feel ready for work. He found it hard to follow typical workplace schedules and adjust to the environment.


After 10 months of training, he completed an internship and has now gained paid employment through our Business Service Centre.


Ter shared that this role allowed him to learn about work life and responsibilities at his own pace. There are many accommodations that help him work independently such as visuals, job coaches modelling tasks, and an accessible and supportive environment.


He is motivated to continue learning new skills and increasing his confidence so he can go to work outside of Steps later this year.


Having our own models of inclusive businesses not only prepares our graduates for employment but allows companies to access our consultation services to replicate these models within their own organisations.





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