Recently Steps turned five years old. Yes, five! We know! We asked our team to reflect on some moments which have really stood out for them during their time with us, and we’ll be sharing them over the next couple of weeks. We hope you enjoy reliving these happy moments with us!

Stacey is Head of Centre for Steps in Phuket. Here are her top moments: 

  1. Having a full day BBQ with trainees Jack and Nathan out in the summer sun. Seeing the fun and joy the boys had making a fire, preparing and cooking burgers from scratch. Being able to be a part of them recognising what they have achieved as they enjoyed their juicy, tasty, homemade  burgers. And were those burgers tasty!
  2. Bearing witness to trainees’ and students’ self-recognition and overcoming the fear of failure as they have success in tasks they feel they did not have the capability to do (from house chores, meal preparation, shopping, completing an employment contract or speaking to community members). The sense of pride, accomplishment and independence after success is always a beacon along their journey to becoming their best selves.
  3. Our trainees who have expressed that they have felt just on the outside or the fringe of their social groups finding a sense of community, acceptance and understanding when they are at Steps. Knowing their thoughts and ideas will be heard and that they often have shared common interests with others that help foster their bonds of friendship. 

These are the kind of breakthroughs that keep us going and growing every day. 

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